Mac Classic Build

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Great way to end 2018 with completing the Mac Classic (It’s a Mac Classic II case) build. Took some time to get all the parts due to the pricing for RAM & GPU’s this year. Plus with the i9-9900K coming out, it delayed the build a little bit. The build started with purchasing a Mac […]

G4 Mod | EVGA GTX 1060 6G SC

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Been testing out the GTX 1060, haven’t bought a graphics card in years. Last card I bought was an AMD HD7950 for my Mac Pro. So far this graphics card has been amazing within this small case. Wanted to push it a little bit and hooked up 3 monitors, hitting 5760×1080 (16:3 aspect ratio). That’s […]

G4 Mod | Hardware update

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Here’s a quick update. Recently got in pieces of hardware for this G4 Mod. Heres the EVGA GTX 950. Got the mini version to fit within the case. Hooked it up to another system to verify it works and it’s doing a pretty good job, doesn’t use much power.   Also got in the Noctua […]

3D Moon

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Decided to take a quick break and print a Moon. Nothing super complicated, just a cool piece to have. I did manage to add in a Teensy 3.1 with a quick script that changes the moons color on startup. Chooses between different shades of white, yellow & blue. Running off a 3.7v 1000mAh battery. I […]

G4 Mod – P2 | Removing the CPU Block

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In this part of the G4 Mod, needed to remove the center area of the CPU Block to allow room for an internal PSU. I used a metal blade to cut it out, took about 30-45mins of cutting to remove both sides.    

G4 P1 – Removing old components

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Here I start to remove all the old components in the Apple G4 Cube. You can see that there isn’t really much room for air flow, will be a tight fit for anything. All the airflow will be coming from the bottom and coming out the top. Will be pretty much 3 channels for airflow, […]

G4 – P0

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Starting a new project aka mod. Going to be gutting an Apple G4 Cube, which I bought for $80 on eBay almost 2yrs ago. Installing all new components. Intel i7-7700, EVGA GTX 1060 6GB, 32GB of Ram, etc. Below is the full list of components for this build, minus the tools used to complete this […]