G4 Mod | EVGA GTX 1060 6G SC

Been testing out the GTX 1060, haven’t bought a graphics card in years. Last card I bought was an AMD HD7950 for my Mac Pro.

So far this graphics card has been amazing within this small case. Wanted to push it a little bit and hooked up 3 monitors, hitting 5760×1080 (16:3 aspect ratio). That’s 1080p per display.

2x 25″ Hannspree HF255
1x DELL U2711

Enable NVidia Surround to get all the displays to act as a single display.

While playing DOOM I was getting around 50-70FPS. Not to bad while playing on Ultra Settings with TAA.
The graphics card is set to 116% Power Target & Mem Clock Offset is +100 Mhz. No other overclocking is applied.



EVGA 1060 6G SC on Amazon:


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