Mac Classic Build

Great way to end 2018 with completing the Mac Classic (It’s a Mac Classic II case) build. Took some time to get all the parts due to the pricing for RAM & GPU’s this year. Plus with the i9-9900K coming out, it delayed the build a little bit.

The build started with purchasing a Mac Classic II. I removed all the hardware and begun the upgrade process. Cutting out holes for the motherboard IO Shield & GPU. And with that, cut out mounting holes for 2x USB 3.0 ports in the handle at the top. The PSU needed little modding to fit, almost as it was meant for this case. The motherboard was one of the first parts I received, as you can see the standoffs have already been installed. The GPU needed to be installed upsidedown due to airflow. Didn’t want to block the fan.

Once all the parts arrived, I was able to start putting everything together.


As I mentioned earlier, the i9-9900K came out. With a BIOS Update, I was able to install it in the Z370n WiFI by Gigabyte. Along with 32GB RAM from Corsair, GTX 1080 Mini by Gigabyte and for running the OS/Apps a 250GB M.2 960 Evo from Samsung.

Kinda sucked that the PCI-E Riser I purchased was 1/2in to short to be fully inserted into the motherboard. Needed to use 2 PCI-E Risers for the time being. I do plan on upgrading to 10Gb. This motherboard supports 2×8┬ábifurcation, so I can run a 10Gb Nic & the GTX 1080 on the same PCI-E slot. Shouldn’t lose too much performance on the GPU running at 8x speed, instead of the full 16x. But that’s for a later date.


Installed a LED Power Button that’s tied to a Molex adapter to pull 12v of power. So it’ll only turn on when there is power to the motherboard.

Wanted to try to keep as much of the Apple’ness in this build. Think overall it’s not to bad. If I did this again, there would be different things I’d do. The Apple Mouse & Keyboard are setup and work great with this build.


This build does exactly what I wanted it to do. Wanted an All-In-One build that was fast and mobile. The i9 helps a lot with encoding video, a lot faster than the G4 Build (i7-7700K). It has WiFi/Bluetooth, a built-in 1080p LCD, so really only needs the power to get up and running.

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